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I was born in Chicago Illinois and have since lived in Los Angeles CA, Tucson AZ, Knoxville TN, and Orlando FL before coming to New London. I knew I wanted to be in radio since I was just 13 years old, listening to the Slow Jams radio show while in Jr. High. I got my first break at 15 years old and have been hosting Sunday Nite Slow Jams ever since. Today my Sunday Nite Slow Jams show is heard on over 45 radio stations across America and around the world.

Most annoying habit: I complain about others’ poor choice of footwear way too often! I just hate when hot chicks wear ugly shoes.

Best quality: My work ethic

Most proud of: Sunday Nite Slow Jams–started in Tucson, AZ and is now on over 45 radio stations.

Favorite season: I love the summer!!!

My favorite hobby: Building websites/producing videos (I know, pretty nerdy!)

Favorite place to relax: Recife, Brasil…I LOOOOVE it there!

Favorite food: Sonoran Style Mexican food including carne asada tacos and Sonoran Style Hot Dogs

Favorite dessert: Chocolate mousse

The one thing I would change about humanity: Sounds cliché, but would stop the violence…have everyone have more repsect and love for eachother.

What I enjoy the most: Slow Jamming and spending time in Brasil

Favorite colors: I love blue and all its different shades

Favorite television show: The Shield, Resue Me, Curb Your Enthusiasm

I’m most comfortable: on my bed watching a good movie…preferably with a honey by my side!

Why am I a DJ? Because I loooove good Slow Jams, and even more love sharing them with people

Most unusual radio gig: Once, the DJ at our sister station got drunk and they had to pull him off the air. I was the only one in the building so I had to fill in. The only problem was it was a Classic Rock station and I knew NOTHING about Classic Rock. I sounded horrible. It was a disaster.

If I could stalk one celeb, who would it be? Jennifer Lopez. I’ve always had a thing for her.

Craziest thing I ever did: I am NEVER telling!!!

The thing I most remember about my parents: My Mom was (and still is) always supportive of my radio dreams, and helped me every step of the way, even when I thought I couldn’t do it. She actually MADE me go on an interview that ended up being my first radio job when I was just 15. I told her that I would never get the job, so why even try? She called and set the interview up for me (how embarassing, lol). I quickly learned to ALWAYS go for it–even if you get a “no,” at least you tried.

The thing I admire most in a person & myself: Kindness and selflessness. People who constantly put others before them. I have a long way to go but I try to improve on that every day.

Something not many people know about me: I love Frank Sinatra and classic jazz and standards. Sometimes I feel I am a 70 year old trapped inside the body of a 30 year old. I like old people stuff. Big old cars, lemonade, and feeding squirrels in the park!

My most unusual job: My very first job was when I was 13. I was a “paper shredder!” That’s all I did. Go to an office and shred papers for hours after school. Looking back, I was probably getting rid of some incriminating documents!