Hi. I'm Holden.
I'm fired up to be doing nights here at Jammin 107.7.
I think everything you need to know about me is in the survey below:

Worst quality: Procrastinating when filling out surveys.

Best quality:


Favorite place to relax:

Most proud of:

What I enjoy the most:

Favorite colors:

Favorite season:

My favorite hobby:

Favorite television show:

Most unusual radio gig:

Craziest thing I ever did:

The thing I admire most in a person & myself:

Something not many people know about me:

The most annoying thing others do to make me mad:

If I could meet one person it would be:

My most unusual job:

Most proud of:


I’ll get to these other ones later. Talk to you at 6pm Monday - Friday. -Holden

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