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Short bio:  I started my life in a little town in Connecticut: Westbrook. I have the Best Mom in the world. She has taught me What Unconditional Love truly means!! My sister and brother are the best ever! I am a Proud Mom of a 16 year old Daughter Talia! She is amazingly funny (Like Me). Smart and charming.. I love her very much! I Now Live in Old Lyme with my Significant other our two Pugs and our Border Collie! Brian Ram and I have been doing Mornings together for 10 years. We are a dysfunctional little Family.. I truly admire him and am blessed to have such a great guy as a partner! 

Best quality: Sense of Humor.. Laughter is Good for the Soul!

Most proud of: Family.. I Love My Family so much.. They mean everything to me! Talia, Mom, Stacy, Tracey and Russell

Favorite seasons: Fall.. I love Halloween, and Haunted Houses.. Summer.. I love to be out doors

My favorite hobbys: Kayaking, Hiking, Traveling

Favorite place to relax: Anywhere, As long as I have the Love of my life with me!

Favorite food: Processed.. But starting to Eat better stuff like Nutella!!

Favorite dessert:  Pumpkin Cheese Cake.. Anything Pumpkin and Nutella! 

The one thing I would change about humanity: Equality - Tolerance. Everyone should love and accept everyone from all walks of life. Community is so important.. I would do whatever I could to help those in need

What I enjoy the most: Time spent with my family, Life with my significant other, Love.. My daughter's smile... Going to Basketball Games to watch the Ref.. MUSIC!!

Favorite colors: Black and Blue

I'm most comfortable: In a lovely Pant Suit or Men's clothes

Why am I a DJ? I have been blessed with the opportunity to make a difference.. I use my gift to help others.. Whether it’s making people laugh, Keeping our listeners informed, Helping out in the community, and Using this platform for getting

Most unusual radio gig: They are all unusual.

Which one celeb would be your BFF? Pink.. LOVE HER!!

 Craziest thing I ever did: Pierced my hooter live on the air the second day on the show.

The thing I admire most in a person & myself: Honesty and a sense of humor.. and Sexy Eyes

Something not many people know about me: I have a big heart... A Hopeless Romantic..



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